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Hi there, I’m Moonie bear (mascot of UK charity Animals Asia Foundation) …  you might have seen me recently looking for love in London. If not, take a look at my video below.

Now, I have a big favour to ask of you.  After my success on the London streets, I got a bit carried away and declared Valentine’s Day to be Moon Bear Hugs Day. Move over Cupid, Moonie’s in town … but what was I thinking … my plans for moon bear hug domination will come to nothing without your help.

So please, this Valentine’s Day, give a moon bear hug to someone special … you know, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, husband, wife, mum, dad, your brother or sister, dog, cat …. even the boss or a complete stranger.  Well, perhaps not the boss but what I’m saying is you can’t be too fussy when it comes to hugs, you should see who I’ve hugged over the years (and I’m not just talking about the countless celebs that have queued up for the Moonie touch).

And most importantly tell them about the moon bears suffering in China and Vietnam and how you and your significant hug can help them.

You can also send a cute personalised Valentine’s Day e-card for just £12 and help the moon bears at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. Click on the picture below to go to our main website, where you can order your lovely card through our secure server.

Meet our loveable ambassador bears

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 Peacemaker Bodo

Big gentle Bodo always looks like he is smiling.  He probably is, as he loves his food so much! Rescued in November 2003, he arrived missing his right forepaw – probably a result of being caught in the wild but this doesn’t stop him having fun with his pals, he especially likes spending time with Billabong, Andreas and Monkey. We call Bodo ‘the peacemaker’ because he often tries to break up fights between the bears.

Adorable Freedom

Everyone who meets her loves adorable sweet-faced little Freedom with her gentle ways. Even though she’s missing both front paws, Freedom gets around easily and is very curious (some might say nosey), often checking out fights -from a safe distance! And since she found her handsome Prince, she hasn’t looked back and together they spend the day tumbling in the grass or chill out by the pool, slurping ‘bear-sized’ lollies.

Banjo the restless wrestler

Handsome Banjo with his cheeky nature is without doubt one of the real characters at the Chengdu sanctuary. He’s often found wrestling and rolling around with the other lads from bear house 2. Mind you, while he prefers hanging out with the boys, Banjo will wrestle with any bear that’s willing. One of his special skills is his ability to act like penguin by standing on his gangly back legs and walking upright along the dens – he’s just too cute to ignore!

Mischief maker Irwin Junior

Irwin Junior, arrived at our sanctuary in June 2007, filthy and malnourished, he weighed just 2.4kg! But after nine months of nourishing food and loving care, Irwin Junior (named after Australian conservationist Steve Irwin) weighed in at a much healthier 63kg. He’s also turned into an adorable bundle of trouble! He likes nothing more than wrestling with his brother Yin Yang, climbing, swinging, splashing in cool baths and generally causing chaos and mischief-making.

Lovely sweet Mausi 

Mausi arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary in June 2007 after being discovered with two other tiny cubs in a secret compartment under a passenger bus. She loves swinging from hessian sacks filled with straw or from the toys that the cubs have hanging in their dens.

A boy named Emma

Emma is a very unique bear. Not only does he have a girls name, but he is a rare hybid black-brown bear mix. When he was rescued  from a farm in northern China, with a brown bear called Ceaser. We were told one bear was male and one female, as Emma was the smaller of the two we called him Emma. It wasn’t until we removed his barbaric metal jacket that we saw that she was in fact a he – hence Emma’s confusing name. But it doesn’t seem to have affected him, and Emma loves splashing about in the pool, climbing and playing all day long. While he may be the biggest bear in his house, he is also one of the sweetest.

The love vote

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